Friday, October 1, 2010

New Pendants

I finally jumped off the proverbial fence and listed some pendants on my Etsy site. I put together these hefty prism pendants and added the finishing touches. These guys are the big boys of prisms and they look awesome mixed with other chunky bead necklaces or layers of mixed chains.
I used Swaroski crystals for the embellishments and sterling silver wire for the bails and charms. This one measures 3 3/4" tall X 2 3/8" at widest point.
This robin is my fav of the group. I created a sterling silver nest with a pale blue glass bead for the accent. This one is a different shape and a bit smaller at 2 7/8" tall and 2" across
Jump on over to my Etsy shop, Sassy Tumbleweed if you are interested in shopping. I will be adding new items as I get them together and do photo shoots.
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

a FIRST tutorial

I am having a request for instructions on my ATC storage book.  It is really easy, but in an effort to show the folding of pages this post will be a bit photo heavy.  Now for advanced paper folders…just skip perhaps every other photo.  So, I’ve covered all those bases, on with the show…..

beginning supplies

Basic supplies needed are :



Glue stick

Exacto…not really needed  since I tear out the pages as needed because I prefer the torn edges.



I usually start folding on the first page after the title page.

Each two pages will be folded in toward each other.

Fold the top outside corner into the center of the book.  Burnish the folded edge with a bone folder or the edge of the ever-present credit card.







After folding, glue the folded corner.

I just eyeball the area or you can apply the glue to the edges of the flap to be glued. 

I am sure you can see that both ways are equally effective as long as Glue is involved.







2nd folded page

Fold the next page from the upper corner in toward the prior folded page.







taping-pages Pull the two folded pages together, matching the edges carefully.  Place tape so it may be folded over to join the two pages.  Allow the excess length of tape to come off at the bottom of page.





Trim the excess tape evenly with page.








tear out pages

It is important to remove pages so the new folded ones are not so tight together.  Just pull out 2 or 3 pages behind the ones you just folded.






The torn out pages will now be used to create pockets on your folded pages.

Place one torn-out page even with the bottom of the folded corner.  This will be at the bottom third of the page.




pocket-folding-2 Fold the page up and burnish the edge lightly to mark the fold.







folded pocket step 3

This photo shows more clearly what we have just done with the addition of the last fold.  The remaining third of the torn-out page is folded into the crease to create a double layer of paper for strength for the front of the pocket.





Open the folded pocket and place glue on the edges to secure.  You don’t need much, it just helps keep things in place sorta like a basting stitch.







The pocket is formed and you need to run the glue stick again on the Inside edge of the pocket only to secure it to the folded diagonal page.





folded pocket step 6

Burnish this edge well.  The outer edge is not secured at this time.








Flip over the folded diagonal page so the pocket can be secured the same as the front side.  This piece is only one thickness and you may also run the glue at the top of this pocket since it won’t be used to hold things.



folded pocket step 8

Now, you have a front of pocket that is 2 thicknesses.  Next is the folded diagonal pages with the tape along the edge.  The back is one thickness of the back pocket.

You may choose to glue these edges, but I used tape to join them together.


final step 1

The final steps finish the outer edge and bind all the layers together and hides the tape.  Tear about a 1” strip off one of the torn out pages. 

Apply glue along the outer edge at the pocket area.




Place the 1” strip of paper over the glued area on front with half of the strip remaining to wrap around to the back of the page.

Apply glue to the back of the pocket.




final step 3


Fold over the strip of paper and burnish well.  A touch more glue may needed along the outer edges of the strip of paper to hold it down more securely.





final step 4

Now tear off the excess paper even with the bottom of the page.







VOILA!!finished page

This is your finished pocket page.  ATC’s can be placed in the front and diagonal pockets easily.  I have been using the larger pockets for some of my tags.  I have also received some beautifully presented ATC’s and I will place the presentation piece in this larger pocket.

next page

Now, onto the next folded page.  Just repeat what you have done for the prior page and keep on repeating until done.  Don’t forget to remove the 2 or 3 pages in between or the pages will be too tight together to show off your creation.


Phew, I broke a sweat on that one folks.  I hope you enjoy it and all the directions were clear as mud.  You will see just what I mean about how easy this little project is and you will be whipping these out right and left. 

Enjoy! and leave a comment with any helpful hints.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Go here quick…

I am going for votes here and my competitive juices get to flowing when a contest is on.  You just have to send an email vote and I appreciate it.  Enjoy and Thanks

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dreamin' and Wishin'

I have been participating in some art swaps lately trying to get my mojo in gear. One challenge was the use of Dove chocolate sayings that are inside each wrapper. Hmmm, I had never noticed this little gift in each little chocolate package before. Perhaps because I was ripping the paper off in such a rush to gobble chocolate?....Nahhhhhh....
I think this one was my favorite of the bunch. A vintage ad for a recreational vehicle that makes me swoon. I Dream of a Willerby Tip Top and Wish one would come my way. I'd be traveling the backroads and pig trails in style!

Til then....AuRevoir!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fillin' up the tank

My tank of ideas has been refueled recently and I can't wait to get some new projects on the boards.  I came home from serious road trips and wishing I had kept track of all the mileage....or maybe it's better that I didn't.  There has been a LOT of rain in our neck of the woods and I was greeted by a leaky roof in my studio/storage building.  double UGH!!  Sheet rock is falling and water is pouring along with my tears at some of the items lost to damage and mold.  That is the urgent project of the moment.  I do plan on posting new projects and even some older, loved ones also. 

If you are interested in purchasing, I can invoice through PayPal or we can make private arrangements.  Feel free to email me at with "purchase" in subject line is helpful.

  I've been making a variety of blooms lately.  This one is layers of silk, chiffon and lace with a vintage pin in the center.  A pin is attached to the back making it easy to switch from purse to sweater to headband or wherever you please.  Each bloom will be unique and the center pin or button will be different for each one.   $10  SOLD

  Thanks for shopping by for a chit chat.
terri B

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Getting Started

Welcome to my new blog! 
I hope you will enjoy visiting and plan to visit often.  Today is a new adventure and new name for my business adventures.  It is definitely going to be a work in progress because ole dawgs do learn new tricks, although perhaps a bit slower.  This site will  be projects that I develop for business. I'll get together some tutuorials and projects for your enjoyment at this site or my companion blog Paint 'n Thread .
In the meantime, if you ever see anything you are interested in just email me and we'll have a chit chat.

A necklace of comfort....
I love me a great big chunky necklace and usually 2 or 3 worn together.
...or perhaps 4-5 work on some occassions.
 The problem is all the bulk around the collar and so I reserve these combos for tops with no collars to create a nice uncluttered look.  haha, if that is possible with this many chunky necklaces!  I photographed these with the collar shirt to show just how bulky this makes the neckline under the fabric.  YUK!  And you would think I would have polished my silver beads....NOPE.  Sorry about that, but the fact is that I often prefer a slightly duller, dark look on these beads.  I do break down and polish when needed and it is like I have created a new set of necklaces all over again.  No problem with that.

Other times I prefer the look of a bulkier necklace but they don't work well with a collared shirt, so I created my shirt collar necklaces.  I know, I is a very complicated name....NOT,  haha, anyway they don't have the bulk under the collar and your shirt lays well. 
I reserve the large stones for the very front of the necklace and connect it with an appropriate chain around the back of the neck to the correct length desired.
This solution also is great for those who are sensitive to the weight of all the heavy necklaces combined.  Next time you may be creating your necklaces, try this solution and you may find it works for you too.  I used turquoise chunks and spaced them with a dark agate disc with the silver filligree beads.  I find this shade turquoise to be so versatile with my summer clothes and fall colors also.

A fashion matra I use when deciding on my necklace combos.......
Keep adding the strands until you begin to bend under the weight, then that is just right!

I'll be back in a few to share some more goodies.
thanks for visiting