Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jewelry Mayhem

I have learned to solder.  Finally.  Practice makes perfect and I usually don’t settle for less than perfect.  So Practice, practice, practice.  These are some of my first stabs  at getting it right.better-charmssoldered-bunnysoldered-charmssoldered-eastersoldered-sweethearts(Click on pic for larger view)

I learned to solder around the top of prisms to attach jump rings.  This is a result of necessity because after all the artwork and back was finished….it was upside DOWN!  The hole was on the bottom.  Oh me, Oh my.  I know I have a feather charm somewhere to compliment this Indian pic and I was quite proud of my soldered jumpring rescue.indian-prism

Disclaimer:  This boo boo wasn’t MINE.  teehee.  I lay the creative crisis at the hands of this gal!  yea, yea, she’s not fessing up to the mess is she?!!HeatherNoNo

I have a few more ready to put on the work table soon.charms-ready-for-work

We had a stash of mixed stones and some of these guys were HUGE.  They worked out great as a single on a chain.  This one is a great olive green with gold Swarovski beads and copper chain.copper-green-necklace

This cowgirl is in a metal frame jazzed up with crystals and a couple of pistols.  The pic is interchangeable with your own personal photo.cowgirl-framed

More single charms to clip onto a chain.four-charms

This one is a beauty with the pink roses on the big crystal and a vintage skeleton key on a 24” ball chain.lg-pk-roses-prism

Another big boy on a chunky silver chain.  The pink one has a Swarovski heart crystal dangle and 2 pewter heart beads.lime-orange-necklacepink-hearts-chunky-charm

More pendants and a blue necklace with mixed beads of blue and aqua.mixed-necklaces

This skeleton key with the pink beads and silver cross is really cute on a

These large prisms are so dynamic by themselves, but there are extras added to most of them as an accent.prisms-lgsmall-prism-charmsm-blk-rose-pendant

Purple and black  really makes a statement here.  This one is great in person and I may pull out my yellow or orange top to mix this one up with some more necklaces.  Just keep adding them!purple-and-black-necklace

Triple lengths of turquoise in green and aqua.  Yummy.triple-turquoise

These little mini dominoes will be components in a larger length chain necklace.  I plan on incorporating several smalls in that one.  That is, when I can find that rascally jar full of goodies.  Where, oh where could it be?mini-dominoe-charms

Well, That’s All Folks!  This was a couple of good days work and a lot of FUN with my BFF.    We have a lot of plans and ideas up our sleeves for this summer.  Hmmm….I can’t wait.  Y’all come back soon and I hope to have some more goodies posted.