Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fillin' up the tank

My tank of ideas has been refueled recently and I can't wait to get some new projects on the boards.  I came home from serious road trips and wishing I had kept track of all the mileage....or maybe it's better that I didn't.  There has been a LOT of rain in our neck of the woods and I was greeted by a leaky roof in my studio/storage building.  double UGH!!  Sheet rock is falling and water is pouring along with my tears at some of the items lost to damage and mold.  That is the urgent project of the moment.  I do plan on posting new projects and even some older, loved ones also. 

If you are interested in purchasing, I can invoice through PayPal or we can make private arrangements.  Feel free to email me at with "purchase" in subject line is helpful.

  I've been making a variety of blooms lately.  This one is layers of silk, chiffon and lace with a vintage pin in the center.  A pin is attached to the back making it easy to switch from purse to sweater to headband or wherever you please.  Each bloom will be unique and the center pin or button will be different for each one.   $10  SOLD

  Thanks for shopping by for a chit chat.
terri B

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