Sunday, May 23, 2010

Getting Started

Welcome to my new blog! 
I hope you will enjoy visiting and plan to visit often.  Today is a new adventure and new name for my business adventures.  It is definitely going to be a work in progress because ole dawgs do learn new tricks, although perhaps a bit slower.  This site will  be projects that I develop for business. I'll get together some tutuorials and projects for your enjoyment at this site or my companion blog Paint 'n Thread .
In the meantime, if you ever see anything you are interested in just email me and we'll have a chit chat.

A necklace of comfort....
I love me a great big chunky necklace and usually 2 or 3 worn together.
...or perhaps 4-5 work on some occassions.
 The problem is all the bulk around the collar and so I reserve these combos for tops with no collars to create a nice uncluttered look.  haha, if that is possible with this many chunky necklaces!  I photographed these with the collar shirt to show just how bulky this makes the neckline under the fabric.  YUK!  And you would think I would have polished my silver beads....NOPE.  Sorry about that, but the fact is that I often prefer a slightly duller, dark look on these beads.  I do break down and polish when needed and it is like I have created a new set of necklaces all over again.  No problem with that.

Other times I prefer the look of a bulkier necklace but they don't work well with a collared shirt, so I created my shirt collar necklaces.  I know, I is a very complicated name....NOT,  haha, anyway they don't have the bulk under the collar and your shirt lays well. 
I reserve the large stones for the very front of the necklace and connect it with an appropriate chain around the back of the neck to the correct length desired.
This solution also is great for those who are sensitive to the weight of all the heavy necklaces combined.  Next time you may be creating your necklaces, try this solution and you may find it works for you too.  I used turquoise chunks and spaced them with a dark agate disc with the silver filligree beads.  I find this shade turquoise to be so versatile with my summer clothes and fall colors also.

A fashion matra I use when deciding on my necklace combos.......
Keep adding the strands until you begin to bend under the weight, then that is just right!

I'll be back in a few to share some more goodies.
thanks for visiting